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E-commerce Technologies

The boundaries, benefits, and advantages of e-commerce are continually expanding, accompanied by emerging competitive conditions and corresponding solutions. Genity brings substantial expertise to the realm of e-commerce solutions. Within our developed e-commerce technologies, you will seamlessly execute your sales with features including online payment systems, cart functionalities, courier modules, loyalty programs, warehouse systems, push notifications, SMS and email integrations, and many more modules.

CRM and ERP Technologies

With CRM and ERP technologies, you streamline both marketing and management team operations. Acquiring new customers, ensuring customer satisfaction, and optimizing business processes are now automated with these solutions, driving growth for your company.

Mobile and Web Applications

As mobile devices and computers continue to rapidly evolve, the demand for mobile and web applications is increasing day by day. We offer the development of sophisticated mobile and web applications to make your business more accessible to your customers.

Developing Ideas from Scratch

Every successful startup must go through certain stages, which often appear to the idea owner as a long and challenging process. This is why hundreds of ideas are forgotten before they materialize. If you have a startup idea and don't know how to execute it, we can help. All you need to do is get in touch with us.

AI Technologies

With the assistance of artificial intelligence, you can optimize your system by developing voice assistants, chatbots, information processing systems (such as face recognition), speech/text recognition, and more. Additionally, these systems can be utilized to ensure the security of the solutions we provide.

What do we do?

We develop technology solutions that will help you achieve your goals.


Trust us to manage your technological projects externally.


We assemble a team to realize any technological project.

Pressure-resistant solutions

With the pressure-resistant solutions that we will present to you, you will not encounter problems such as delays and freezes even in the growing customer traffic.

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We handle all technical issues related to server support, management, and monitoring internally.

Our Projects

Our mission is to propose the best solutions to identify and solve problems.

A FinTech solution for effortless management of personal/family finances, expenses, incomes, and reports.

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Online accounting solution for micro and small businesses.

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A business solution that optimizes and simplifies all sales processes, fostering development and growth

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A solution that easily automates any process in your store operating in Kazakhstan

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How is your idea brought to life?

We support startups and projects by providing technical and strategic assistance to help them achieve success.

Bring your ideas to life

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All technical details are clarified and tasks are divided into stages.

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We select a team of experts to realize your idea and assign appropriate tasks to each.

We prepare your products

Your products are prepared with quality and deadline control, and delivered to you.

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